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Love Hotels: Guide to the Amorous in Iligan

by: Rex Godinez Ortega So, you’re out on a date with your mi amor. You try your best to project your inner Merovingian self, while she sits there, beautiful as Persephone, staring into your eyes until “the why and the … Continue reading

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Taking Out Trash

by: Rex Godinez Ortega NOTHING ruins your mornings faster than the sight of tomato skins, egg shells, sliced lemoncitos, and fish bones scattered all over the garage. No doubt, the neighbor’s cat has raided again the mini-Smokey Mountain we’ve been … Continue reading

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by: Rex Godinez Ortega AM I too funny to unfriend? Whatever the reason was that I survived the annual FaceBook spring cleaning of my “friends”, I can only say: Happy New Year! I can’t promise they won’t regret it, though, … Continue reading

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The Betamax Experience

by: Rex Godinez Ortega [I get incredibly nostalgic every time I see a Betamax tape or player. It just transports me back to the early 90’s when I was still in high school. This article was originally written for my … Continue reading

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Iligan ni Sendong

[This article appeared at Dec. 2011.  I also posted this at my other blog, I’m transferring it here.] I HAVE seen quite a number of disasters up close. But it had always been me looking in. No matter how horrendous or … Continue reading

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