lores20portrait2Bisdak to the Boondocks is the 3rd blog of Iligan City-based journalist, Rex Godinez Ortega. Rex also goes by the name “Recoy”.

Rex’s other two blogs are iliganairsoft.wordpress.com and ids93.com.

Rex is a journalist on vacation as he tries to finish his law degree.

He has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer (as a correspondent) since he was still in college, and has been sent to the far corners of Mindanao to cover important events, which all tended to be about armed conflict and natural disasters.

However, in the course of a journalist’s travels, he does get the privilege of meeting interesting people, animals, and objects, and get to see places only a few have access to, which become the subject of his feature and human interest stories.

This blog is dedicated to collecting and re-publishing those past works of Rex Godinez Ortega, as well as serve as an outlet for his creative energies. Thus, this blog will also feature content written from March 2013 up.

Rex has also worked as a reporter for Mindanews.com in Davao City.


award[Rex would like to thank the Mindanao Blog Awards for recognizing Bisdak to the Boondocks as one of Mindanao’s Breakthrough Blogs for 2013.]


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  1. Mary Kaye says:

    Rex Ortega was once our speaker in a journalism seminar, and yes he is really great, we were lucky enough to have him.

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