Love Hotels: Guide to the Amorous in Iligan

a233by: Rex Godinez Ortega

So, you’re out on a date with your mi amor. You try your best to project your inner Merovingian self, while she sits there, beautiful as Persephone, staring into your eyes until “the why and the reason are gone.”

At the point where all that matters is just the feeling, the two of you suddenly become… uhm, how should I put it, “sleepy”.

My oh, my…

Now where to go?

There are several places in Iligan City active couples such as yourself and your date can go to—to get that much needed “rest” even if for a short time only.

These places, which charge you within the vicinity of P300, are generically called love hotels.

Olive Motel -- Oil on Canvass. (Photo:

Olive Motel — Oil on Canvass. (Photo:

A love hotel is a place one can enter discreetly and have a choice of “rooms for a rest”  for periods of three or six hours or even 12 hours should you come during “Happy Hour,” which starts at 10 pm.

In Iligan, these love hotels tend to consist of a single building with connected rooms. Some even have garages attached to the rooms to better facilitate your… <ahem> entry.

Thus, if you are in search of a different “sleeping” experience this love month, do read on as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

"The Shower" by Klaas Koster. (Photo:

“The Shower” by Klaas Koster. (Photo:

CitiBest Inn. Located in an off the beaten track part of Ubaldo Laya Avenue, CitiBest is easy to miss as your eye might just dismiss its faded rainbow colored tall walls as, well, just walls.

This nondescript Inn sits along a dark stretch of road used by motorists as a shortcut from Kabulihan to the Iligan Medical Center area in Brgy. Pala-o.

The Inn’s garages are big enough to fit two cars with the door to your equally spacious room at the end of each. Inside, you would discover that the room’s floor area is not the only thing tiled, the walls are, too. (Every square inch of it!)

It has the standard bed (no habol included), a door-less toilet and bath with a glass window that offers  a good view of the shower from the bed, and a lounge with a small table and two chairs.

Park Sweet. Formerly Lovingly Pensionne House, this place is easier to find as its well-lighted façade is facing the national highway in the Gerona area of Brgy. Hinaplanon.

If you happen to be dining at Tatay’s Grill, you can just walk to Park Sweet as it is just beside the popular restaurant.

Park Sweet also offers rooms with garages if you don’t feel like leaving your vehicle out on the street. The rooms there are a little smaller than CitiBest’s, but they are nice and clean.

Chelina Beach Resort.  This beach resort is located on the outskirts of the city to the east in Brgy. Sta. Filomena. It is by the beach, thus, you need to get off the national highway once you spot the tall sign by the road.

The resort also offers rooms with garages. These large rooms are nicely interiored and well-furnished, albeit, now in need of some up keeping.

Motel Love by Jack Vettriano. (Photo:

“Motel Love” by Jack Vettriano. (Photo:

There are several more places in Iligan that can qualify to be called love hotels despite the different names they call themselves. However, you might find it awkward standing there before the counter when checking in.

To help you identify these places, just remember that the main distinguishing characteristics of love hotels are discreetness, choice of a short-time rest period, and the use of names that evoke love or employment of symbols, like hearts.  (Let’s not forget the neon lights, too!)

If you’re a couple having difficulties finding some privacy at home, you might want to consider love hotels as an alternative. Just bring your own sheets if you can’t trust these places enough.

For those single guys out on a date this Valentine’s Day, be good. If you can’t be good, well, make sure your girl is cool with the idea first before taking her there.

Be safe!

An anti-HIV painting at the U.N. (Photo:

An anti-HIV painting at the U.N. (Photo:

= = = = =

Below are pictures of Iligan love hotels filched from the Internet. (Sorry. My hands were too busy to take pictures during visits.) 

Chelina Beach Resort

Chelina Beach Resort


Park Suite

Park Sweet

Park Suite

Park Sweet

Park Suite

Park Sweet


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